Chapter 5. Maintenance

5.1. Save Configuration

5.1.1. Save Configuration

At this menu item you can restore a saved configuration or save the current configuration by clicking on "Save Backupfile".


Remember to save configurations regularly!

5.1.2. Restore Configuration

If you have to use this option, install the server with a fresh operating system, install yaffas and then select the authentication method that was used before. After selecting a configuration file, click on the button "Apply Backupfile" and the configuration file will be uploaded. This may take a few minutes.


Please consider that the following items will not be restored:

  • network configuration
  • admin and root password
  • settings for authentication server
  • alias settings if you use a remote authentication server
  • UI language

5.2. Log file viewer

The log file viewer enable the administrator to download log files for analysis. Just right click on the log file you wish to download and select "download". After download and saving of the selected log file it can be viewed with any text editor (e.g. Wordpad).

Examples of log files are:

file content


postfix MTA log file. Contains information about in and outgoing mails.


less important kernel messages.


messages from the NetBIOS service


samba server log messages


This directory contains zarafa logs for every component.

5.3. Notification

Error messages (disk full, license issues) from the yaffas server will be sent to this e-mail address. A local or remote address can be used. This e-mail account should be checked on a regular basis.

Please enter a valid e-mail address, so critical messages can reach an administrator and the system can be kept running.


If you would like to enter multiple recipients you can enter an alias as recipient,e.g. "admins@localhost", then you can set "admins" as alias under Mail alias configuration and supply the addresses of the recipients.

5.4. Support

The menu topic Support offers the option to download a file which can assist in solving problems and speed up searching for bugs.

yaffas is a free community project, so no support is included. Support can be performed by anybody who knows his way around yaffas and linux.

The bitbone AG offers a commercial and supported derivate of yaffas named bitkit|SOLUTIONS.